Vase of Flowers. Oil on Board,(Private Collection).

Aqueduct. Oil on Board.

Man with a Cigar. Oil on Canvas Board (University of Liverpool Collection).

A Safer Garden. Oil on Board (University of Liverpool Collection).

Drifter (Standing I). Oil on Canvas Board. 


Flora (Standing III). Oil on Canvas Board.

Walkin' the Dog (Standing II). Oil on Canvas Board.

Scarecrow. Oil on Canvas Board, 1996 (Private Collection).

Lamp with White Wall. Oil on Board (Private Collection).

Rainbow Vase (oil on board).

Dyin' ain't Much of a Livin'. Oil on Board (Private Collection).

The Deer. Oil on Canvas Board (Private Collection).

Hidden. Oil on Board.

Nocturne. Oil on Board.

Red House with Smoking Chimney. Oil on Board.

Pigeon Fancier. Oil on Board.

Hot Lips. Oil on Board (Private Collection).

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